Free In-Building Cellular Networks For Qualifying Properties

ABC Technology

ABC technology is excited to inform CHLA members that approximately $1,000,000.00 dollars in Cellular Digital Antenna Systems (DAS) infrastructure is now being offered to select hotels at no cost, including all cabling and maintenance for the life of the equipment.  There are also additional monetary incentive bonuses being paid on a per carrier basis.  Inquire soon as the carriers are only offering this for a limited time before the financial costs will be shifted back over to the property ownership.

In its simplest terms, this offering will immediately boost your in-building wireless signal to full strength, 5 bar service.  Your properties were not originally constructed with consideration to accommodate the current load of data use which is now up to 80% data engaged usage. With this offer, all guests and staff at your hotel will have a “5 bar” cellular experience, and over time lessen the need on WiFi and increased bandwidth being required. Say goodbye to guests service complaints or the need to step outside to make a call or stream.

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