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Citadel FM: Get Paid to Play Music in Your Hotel!

Looking for a free (and royalty free) ambient music service for your hotel? Music is designed to enhance your guest experience and with Citadel FM, we do just that. Please consider Citadel FM; they offer three stations: ambient music, Latin ambient music, and country ambient music. Moving forward is simple and fast. Set up can all be done remotely, using our Amazon speakers and any mobile device.

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FAQs About the Program - 

What is the catch?

We serve Ads through the network, advertisers pay us, we pay you. There is no catch.

When do I get paid?

You get a $50 Activation bonus paid the next Monday after activating the music. You also get $50 Monthly thereafter paid every 1st week of each month. Please notice that the music should've been running 30 days before the 1st Monthly payment.

How do I get paid?

We send paper checks via Veem, payable to the company or to a person. We can bulk or split. The receiver will also get an email from Veem offering to sign up (on Veem) to get a deposit or instant deposit vs waiting 7 days for the check, this is good, fast, and advisable, but clients can wait for the paper checks if they prefer.

Can I change the music?

We offer 3 music stations: Ambient Music, Latin Ambient Music, and Country Ambient Music. At this moment it is not possible to change the station from your end, but you can ask us to set the one that you like the most. Listen to examples of the different genres here: https://www.citadelfm.com/

Do I need to keep the volume up?

As much as you like, we are interested in being background music only, no need to play loud.

Can I play with the Echo Dot?

This is not advisable, it is intended to play Citadel FM only. Talking to it will cause problems with the music. It must be keep muted all the time.

When do I get my equipment?

The process of setting up the device and have them shipped takes usually about 15 days. There are some busy months and it could take longer

Is the setup easy on my side?

It is plug-and-play. All you have to do is plug the dot to the power, plug the router to the power and to the internet, and let us know so we can start the music.

The music drops often. What should I do?

The Echo dot might be presenting some internet connection issues, please unplug it for 10 seconds and plug it back in. It should improve, if not, please contact us.

How much Internet bandwidth does it drain?

The music streams use about 64-90 kbps, this is a very low data usage that will literally not affect your internet speed.

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