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Wage & Benefits Survey

lobbylights-logo-CMYK_0.jpgTake advantage of a member benefit available to your property at NO COST to you! CHLA has partnered with LobbyLights to provide comprehensive wage and benefits data specific to the hotel industry. As an active CHLA member, you will receive an annual subscription to this valuable compensation data available 24/7 for twelve continuous months. You will now be able to compare your employees’ wage & benefits with other local hoteliers. To sign up, simply log onto and use the discount code CHLA2019 and begin your survey today!

About LobbyLights

LobbyLights is the hospitality industry’s premier compensation and benefits survey providing a streamlined, on-demand software application that allows hoteliers to connect and share wage and benefit data on a simplified, secure, and informative platform.

LobbyLights helps you gain a complete understanding of how you stack up against your neighboring hotels regarding key personal and operational elements of your business. Compare your compensation and benefits data to like properties on a local, regional, state, or national level. With 24/7 access to industry specific reports that will help your property save money, lower employee attrition, and establish a competitive wage base.

Through our years of experience working with multiple Hoteliers, Management Companies, Hotel Corporations, and Industry Associations we know that:

  • More than 80% of Business Managers and HR Professionals said their companies participate in or purchase at least one salary survey each year.
  • The benefits of obtaining reliable and current compensation information to benchmark your organization’s wage structure, far outweigh the risk of going over budget and causing profitability to suffer.
  • The cost of attrition of an employee earning less that $30,000 a year can range from 10% - 20% of the annual compensation.

Data You Can Trust

Each time a survey is submitted, responses are reviewed for content accuracy by on staff personnel and uploaded to the live-results server. To provide the most relevant comparisons across all of the dimensions that affect employee retention, compensation costs and risk reduction, it is required that all questions are answered as accurately as possible. Real-time Results Participation increases daily, so be sure to actively login throughout the year to view the hotel industry’s most up-to-date data and reports.

Keep your staff happy and stay on budget!

Visit LobbyLights at or contact Kevin Conway - Manager of Participation Development - at 216-503-0076 or


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