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We have a solution - PerfectWage™ is the most comprehensive, hospitality wage benchmarking tool that helps you retain and recruit top talent by knowing what to pay.

PerfectWage™ offers competitive wage information by position in nearly 100 markets. This easy-to-use tool helps you make wage decisions and set compensation strategy.

Current subscribers to LobbyLights can click the button below to complete a simple form and get a free 2020 subscription to PerfectWage™.

Current Subscribers

Current CHLA members and new subscribers will just need to complete the form linked at the button below to start your annual subscription to this fantastic new service. For 2020, the only work you have to do will be to complete a wage survey so that your data can be compared to the real-time, actual wage data within PerfectWage™.

New Subscribers


Employees stay with companies that offer competitive pay. Paying appropriately means you can attract better talent and retain them. Using PerfectWage™ gives you actual market data—which means your hotels will always offer smart, competitive wages that make sense for you and for your employees.


Compare and optimize your hotels side-by-side, position-by-position within each market.  Enable more productive discussions with your managers about labor costs and wage decisions by using peer data along with market comparisons.


PerfectWage™ uses your existing Hotel Effectiveness® data. Both your data and the market data are updated throughout the year. Using our tool, you can avoid having to manually compile, submit and manage surveys to get wage data.  With complete, accurate and current data at your fingertips, you can choose the correct wage for every position at each of your hotels throughout the year.


All PerfectWage™ data is in compliance with the US Department of Justice national antitrust regulations. The data we provide is shown in a blind comparison format, which is compliant with Anti-Trust Safety Zone guidelines.


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