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Advocating for Meetings at Hotels - Demo Program

California Hotel and Lodging Association, its municipal counterparts, regional and local tourism authorities, hotel brands and individual properties have an opportunity to promote hotels as Clean & Safe for individual meetings by engaging with local regulatory and elected leaders and local media. The goal is to inform and garner support directly from local leaders and use media to amplify key messages: Our hotels and hospitality community are ready to open safely for individual meetings with health protocols for guests and employees that meet and, in many cases, exceed federal, state and county public health guidelines.

Toward this goal, CHLA has created materials to guide our partners in demonstrating how hotels would safely host meetings.  The demonstrations would have meeting room(s) set-up at a volunteer hotel for elected and public officials and the media to see how hotels could safely host meetings. Below are templated materials to use with elected leaders and media to advocate for opening individual meetings at hotels. These materials are:

CHLA also suggests considering other materials in overall communications plan such as op-eds, frequently asked questions, fact sheets, etc. Those should be created by the regional teams as they are highly customized.


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