Executive Committee

CHLA has an Executive Committee of the board of directors consisting of six individuals:  The Immediate Past Chairperson, the Chairperson, the Vice Chairperson, the Secretary/Treasurer, the chairperson of the corporation’s Audit Committee, and the chairperson of the corporation’s Government & Legal Relations Committee.  The President and CEO of this corporation shall be an Ex Officio member of the Executive Committee.

Hee-Won Lim-Grosvenor 
CHLA Chair
Hee-Won Lim-Grosvenor
General Manager
Dhruv Patel 
Vice Chair
Dhruv Patel
President and COO
Secretary / Treasurer
Cormac O’Modhrain
Group Vice President Asset Management
CHLA Immediate Past Chair
Tom Patton, CHA
General Manager/Partner
Laurenne Douglas 
CHLA Audit Committee Chair
Laurenne Douglas
Director of Operations
Javier Cano 
Government + Legal Relations Committee Chair
Javier Cano
Vice President & Market General Manager
CHLA Partners