Contribute to CHLA Issues PAC

CHLA’s “Issues PAC” is our first-response tool to protect lodging interests when novel and urgent issues emerge.

Most recently, CHLA channeled funds from Issues PAC to the “No on Prop 15” campaign to defeat a ballot measure which would have reassessed properties at current market rates – increasing hotel property-tax liabilities by up to millions of dollars annually.

Contributions to this fund will continue to be used in a like-manner to protect California lodging interests. To learn more about this fund and the contributions process, contact us at

Your Reporting:  Your contribution made through CHLA will be disclosed on campaign finance reports filed by the committee and may also need to be reported on campaign finance reports filed separately by you as the contributor.  Individuals or entities that contribute $10,000 or more in the aggregate in a calendar year to California state or local candidates, ballot measures, political parties, or PACs are required to file their own campaign finance reports, known as “Major Donor Reports.” Contributions made through CHLA count toward this $10,000 threshold.

Important Notice:  Contributions to the PAC are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Under California law, if you seek reimbursement for any portion of your contribution, you are required to disclose the true source of funds used to make the contribution. If this applies to you, please include a separate sheet listing the name, address, and amount information for each entity that is participating in your contribution. In addition, if you are directing multiple contributions from different sources, note that contributions received from affiliated individuals or entities must be aggregated and treated as being from a single contributor.

Foreign Prohibition:  Contributions from foreign entities and foreign nationals are prohibited.