CHLA Political Action Committee

CHLA’s Political Action Committee (CHALPAC) supports candidates for state and local elected offices who show the most promise of understanding and promoting our members’ interests, significantly increasing our ability to facilitate a pro-lodging business climate. CHALPAC receives contributions from individuals and businesses interested in the well-being of California’s lodging industry.

CHALPAC allows the hotel industry to present a strong, unified voice and to influence what happens to our industry – and our members’ business – in California. A contribution to CHALPAC is the most direct and efficient way for you to ensure the interests of the lodging industry are represented, advocated for, and protected.  

Let’s work together to make a difference.

To contribute, use the contribution link under the Advocacy menu (login required) or contact Michelle Donohue, CHLA Finance & Operations Director, directly at (916) 554-2663 or via email at