Fee Transparency – What You Need To Know

Are you prepared to comply with California’s new fee transparency laws taking effect July 1, 2024?  Join us on May 30 and hear from Robert Schnitz from Kabat Chapman & Ozmer LLP on the two measures designed to increase the transparency of displayed prices, and what lodging establishments must do to comply.

Acorn Association Webinar: Using Canva for Fun and Profit

Join Acorn Marketing as they discover the basics of Canva. Learn how to use this platform for social media, blogging, your website and more!

Workplace Violence Prevention

Join CHLA and Ballard Rosenberg Golper & Savitt, LLP on Thursday, April 18 at 10:00am to discuss the new law regarding Workplace Violence Prevention. Learn how to develop your written plan and comply with recordkeeping and training requirements before the July 1 deadline.

Acorn Association Webinar: The Google Metaverse

Join Acorn Marketing as they cover all the different iterations of Google that exist outside of the basic desktop search, and how to use this information to make sure your property is getting seen by potential guests.

Enhancing Financial Management with HotStats & USALI

Join us for an enlightening webinar where we delve into the indispensable tools of financial management that pave the way to profitability – Operational Benchmarking and the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry (USALI). Discover how these strategic resources empower businesses to achieve financial success by providing invaluable insights and benchmarks. Learn how to leverage Operational Benchmarking to analyze your performance against industry standards and optimize your operations. Explore how USALI ensures standardization and accurate financial reporting, enabling you to make informed decisions that drive profitability. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a competitive edge in the world of finance and take your organization’s financial management to the next level.

Maximizing Profits: A Deep Dive into CHLA Benefits

Dive into the world of CHLA benefits with us! Join Alicia from Source1 Purchasing, where you’ll unlock access to a vast array of products from 350+ manufacturers, earning cash back on your purchases with zero membership fees, all aimed at boosting your bottom line. Then, hear from Keith & Carly at Seasonal Connect, your go-to solution for tackling seasonal challenges with their extensive network of employers and a global database of workers. Finally, meet Joey & Craig from Accessible Crew, dedicated to ensuring your business meets accessibility standards and fosters inclusivity through their expert consulting and training services. Get ready to maximize your benefits and elevate your business game with their invaluable insights!

Meta Suite is Super!

Acorn Marketing – Association Partnership Webinar

Lodging property owners and managers are busy people! With so much to get accomplished each day, how do you make time for social media? Meta Business Suite to the rescue! Use the power of the calendar option to pre-schedule your posts for Facebook and Instagram, plan out your content, and save time and aggravation!

Please email monica@calodging.com if you would like access to the recording of this webinar.

New Year, New Laws Webinar

It is important that hoteliers stay informed of the latest labor and employment laws that will affect employers in 2024. Marking a year of unprecedented legislative activity, dozens of bills were signed into law including increases to paid sick leave requirements, new leave entitlements, workplace violence prevention requirements, rehire obligations for displaced workers, and more. Join Fisher Phillips Partner, Jeffrey Thurrell, as he unpacks the new California legislation that will shape the employer landscape in 2024 and beyond.

  • SB 616 – Paid Sick Days – Increases paid sick days and increased accrual caps.
  • SB 848 – Leave for Reproductive Loss – Allows employees to take up to 5 days of leave for a “reproductive loss event”.
  • SB 553 – Workplace Violence – Requires employers to adopt workplace violence prevention plans and comply with recordkeeping and training requirements. 
  • SB 700 – Cannabis Use – Makes it unlawful for employers to request information from applicants regarding prior use of cannabis.
  • SB 476 – Food Handler Cards – Establishes guidelines for employers regarding food handling cards.

This webinar is essential for anyone who handles employee complaints, manages employees, or makes decisions impacting the workplace

Southern California Hotel Conference and Trade Show

Southern California Hotel Conference and Trade Show

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Modern Day Technology: Using hardware to work smarter, not harder!

In this webinar, we will take a look at today’s Enterprise IT products and how they can influence your business. We will discuss use cases, management, and benefits of a wide range of topics from basic sever to end point security. Driving home the understanding of where hardware can work to your advantage, you will have an idea of what your next steps are in your technology journey!

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Anaheim Hotel Worker Ordinance

Join CHLA and guest Presenter Tuan Nguyen from Fisher Phillips LLP for an in-depth discussion of Anaheim’s new hotel worker ordinance and, potentially, ballot measure. Learn about how your hotel can comply with new panic button requirements, signage rules, and more. While the official implementation date is January 1, 2024, bring your questions this October 17th so you can be ahead of the game.