Access Control Trends for Hoteliers

Thursday, July 28, 2022 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

The key to any successful technology is removing pain points for the user while making any processes easier and more efficient. Streamlining property operations and enhancing the guest experience is the end goal for any hotel technology solution. It’s no different for door locks and security.

It’s about utilizing the most advanced technologies available to accomplish the aforementioned objectives. The next technology for door locks will be solutions that streamline the check-in process to benefit both hoteliers and guests, and as door lock innovation continues to advance, they will incorporate more user-friendly and robust technologies.

The more intelligence that is built in a lock system, the more operators learn about their hotel, the guest experience and the lock’s performance. The usage profile of each lock provides data that supports better decision-making. It can also help reduce operator maintenance costs and improve customer satisfaction. Hotels also will need a mobile-access system that complements the security features that already exist in hotel locks, such as access permissions and audit trails.

We will cover these and other key topics to ensure you are informed as to the latest trends in hotel access control and have the help you need to future-proof your access control system.

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