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The H-2B Visa Summer Cap was Reached – Now What? (a Seasonal Connect and Pabian Law joint webinar)

Wednesday, January 11, 2023 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

As many of you saw, yesterday the U.S. Department of Labor announced the lottery results for summer-season petitions with an April 1st start date.  The agency received more than 142,000 worker applications for only 33,000 spots.  This means that many organizations across the country are scrambling to make sense of the lottery, how to proceed, and how to find workers for their upcoming summer seasons.

We are here to help!  Seasonal Connect and Pabian Law are teaming up to host a late breaking webinar on Wednesday, January 11th at 1:30pm EST.  We will walk you through understanding the cap, explain solutions, and show you how to find in-country workers who are exempt from the numerical cap in the Seasonal Connect online platform!

This webinar will help you understand issues, such as:

1.     Understanding the H-2B summer-season lottery

2.     How best to move forward if you received a bad lottery spot

3.     Whether you should rely on extra visas through the H-2B supplemental cap

4.     Comprehending in-country transfers

5.     How to find in-country workers who are cap exempt

1.     We will show you how to find them in Seasonal Connect!

6.     H-2B recruitment tips and ideas

We will also provide an exclusive discount code for new Seasonal Connect members that provides for a substantial discount to join.

We highly encourage all of you to attend!  There will be some valuable insights and tips provided in this webinar.

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