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New Year, New Laws: Session 1

Tuesday, February 1, 2022 10:00 pm - 11:00 pm

About CHLA’s New Year, New Laws Webinar Series – 

Registration will close at 12pm on Feb 1, 2022. Registration confirmations and attendee links for same day registrants will be delivered at 1pm on the day of the event. 

CHLA invites you to join us for an informative two-part program covering vital legislative and legal updates impacting hoteliers across the State of California. In this two-part series, Jeff Thurrell, Partner at Fisher Phillips will analyze significant new legislation and case law updates on everything from employee benefits to wage theft. 

Don’t forget to register for the Second Session in our New Year, New Laws webinar series, which includes a discussion about key lawsuits that changed existing law and how COVID-19 has shaped the employment landscape. 

Part 1 Description –  

Whether you are hiring, firing, or simply managing payroll, new California laws will continue to change how you do business in 2022. Join CHLA and our partners at Fisher Phillips for our New Year, New Laws webinar series to learn about legislation which has a direct impact on your business operations.  

Legislation to be covered in Part 1 focuses on new legislation and how the rules will affect employers – 

  • AB 1003 Criminal Liability for Intentional Unpaid Wages - Makes intentional wage theft a crime of grand theft
  • AB 1033 – CFRA “Parent-in-Law” - Follow-up to SB 1383 from last year – expands “family member to include parents-in-law” 

  • AB 1506/AB 1561 Independent Contractors - Expansion of some of the AB 5 (ABC test) exemptions 

  • SB 62 – Garment Manufacturing - Expands joint liability for wage violations for any business in the garment industry supply chain 

  • SB 321 Workplace Safety and Household Domestic Services - Cal/OSHA advisory committee for policies to protect the health and safety of privately funded household domestic service employees 

  • SB 331 “Silenced No More Act” Extension - Follow-up to SB 820 (which banned NDAs in settlement agreements for claims of sex discrimination or harassment) 

  • SB 606 New Cal/OSHA Penalties - Creates two new categories of violations that carry the same penalty as “willful” or “repeat” violations

  • SB 639 Subminimum Wage - Looks to phase out the subminimum wage certificate program by 2025 

  • SB 646 PAGA Exemption for Unionized Janitorial Employers - Follows previous similar legislation that exempted unionized construction employers from PAGA

  • AB 654 COVID-19 Exposure and Notification - Follow-up bill to AB 685

  • SB 657 Electronic Documents – Employers may distribute employee information by email

  • SB 762 Arbitration - Follow-up measure to SB 707 from 2019

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