Heartfelt Hospitality with Jennifer Mann

Mann’s 35-year tenure at the Hyatt Regency Sacramento is more than a job, it’s a lifetime of memories and special

“I could write a book about my time here,” she reflects. “I grew up at this hotel.” Starting as an opening team member during college, she served as both a server and front desk agent before embarking on a temporary move out of state.

“I had no intention of staying in hospitality,” Mann admits, “but when I moved and was not doing hospitality any longer I realized I missed it: the social aspect, the excitement—the energy of working in customer service.”

Returning to the Hyatt Regency Sacramento, Mann assumed diverse roles throughout the years: pursuing a personal interest in events as Catering Manager, then her passion for travel as Business Travel Manager, and, finally, navigating her way to her current position as Senior Sales Manager. “My career has been very unique,” Mann said, “I’ve had a varied background, but all at one hotel.”

Mann finds that at Hyatt, “care is at the core of everything we do.” From the weary traveler who has just driven 500 miles checking into the hotel for a night’s stay and the bride and groom on their wedding day to “the colleagues
that you work next to” day in and day out, genuine care for people touches every corner of the hospitality experience.

“It’s little things each and every day that make what I do so joyful,” Mann says, recalling a special moment she will always remember: A guest asked then-concierge Mann, “Where can I find a local toy store?” The guest’s family was deeply impacted by the 1994 Northridge Earthquake in Los Angeles, and she was in search of a coveted Power Ranger toy to give to her young grandson.

Over the next few days, Mann and her coworkers scoured the phone book and yellow pages for hours. Leaving no page unturned, they found toy companies and called manufacturers—“I mean, we were calling Canada and all across the United States,” recalled Mann.

Just as the grandmother was losing hope she’d find the toy for her grandson, Mann’s team came through.

“I find joy in making sure every guest who walks through our doors has an experience that they remember,” Mann affirms. “I choose to be in hospitality because that’s who I am as a person.”